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CNC Machines for Stone – Remove Noticeable Lines in Granite Profiles

CNC Machines for Stone - Remove Noticeable Lines in Granite Profiles

It is a typical issue for the stone bathroom and kitchen countertop producers that their CNC device leaves noticeable lines after profiling the marble or granite edge which leads to a not so glossy surface as wanted.

The lines are inevitable on profiles with a big flat area like the ‘T’ profile however also on all the other profiles more or less. One is the stone itself regardless if it is natural stone like Granite and Marble or manmade (crafted) stone.

On some profiles and stones it is possible to restrict the lines to a minimum by running the polishing wheels forwards and in reverse 3-4 times and altering the Z worth up and down by a very little quantity (0.005 mm) for each run, which may not be possible to do with every profile.

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Another choice is to buy hand run a 400 grit pad after the CNC has actually run all the metal wheels and prior to the polishing wheels. That assists to keep the polishing tools in excellent shape however it is additional handwork which disrupts the typical workflow on the CNC device.

Dressing the profile diamond wheels regularly with the ideal dressing stones will assist to keep the lines to a minimum. There are also unique tools called line-breaker and line-buster among others which might lead to a much better surface. If you compare the hand polish procedure with the method the CNC device deals with a profile then you might acknowledge where these lines are originating from and why it is difficult to obtain rid of them. On the CNC Maker the tool is spinning in the very same instructions as the maker movement. There is no cross motion of the tools and the cnc machining services.

CNC Machines for Stone - Remove Noticeable Lines in Granite Profiles

Simply see what takes place when you hand polish, the tool spins throughout the motion you do by hand. That motion is what eliminates the lines which are not possible with a CNC maker till somebody develops a maker head which works the very same method as hand polishing. It is uncertain that this is even possible.